Pricelist (valid from 01/01/2022)

Wash:  quick                temperature 30C/862F                  time:    20-22min: 1399HUF

Wash:  intensive         temperature 30-60C/86-140F         time:    60-70min: 1399HUF

Wash:  boiling             temperature: 95C/203F                 time:    80-90min :1399HUF

Extra spin(free if you wash&dry)                                       time:    13-15min  : 300HUF

Drying:                        temperature: 40-60C/104-140F    time:     40-120min*:1399HUF

The prices already include the detergent and softener/conditioner.
We use ARIEL/Persil as detergent and LENOR/Coccolino as conditioner.
However if our customer wishes, he/she can use her/his own detergent or softener. (prices wont be cheaper though)