Few important information about our laundry

Our laundry is open every day of the week from 09:00 till 24:00 during the whole year, except christmas and december 31 and january 1.

I would like to point out why our laundry is different compared to the average fully automated selfservice laundry.

In most of the selfservice laundries you have to pay beforehand(with coins) for fix time programs and these programs wont guarantee success, especialy when its about drying. If you use our landry, you pay in cash after everything is done(but you can pay whenever you want).

We will dry your clothes as long as it needs to be fully dry for the same price!
This means: if you have a heavy load(jeans, towels, something which dries very slowly), you pay only one time for a full dry and not 2-3times more as at other laundries.

Second advantage to others is, we optimalized our laundry for a casual average/usual customer.
This means we have normal size machines with 7-8kg capacity(50-60L backpack or suitcase)

This way if you have an average or smaller load you get your laundry done cheaper than at other laundries!

Third advantage is, we have the magical sentence: drop off service for free!

If you ask us to do your laundry, we are happy to help you!

We have security webcams, we check the laundry every 5-10minutes and keep an eye on the washing/drying programs ongoing.

How to do a laundry here? Please read our guide!